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Джейн Дженсен и Sierra On-Line

Я бы хотела пожелать всем, кто занимается созданием компьютерных игр, быть разборчивыми  в том, что вы читаете, смотрите или во что играете. Это важно, потому что хорошая книга или игра поможет раскрыть свой талант, а бессистемное потребление ярких, но пустых работ заставит мыслить шаблонами. Пишите, если хотите развивать свои навыки, создавайте, чтобы наблюдать собственный прогресс. Труд разработчика похож на тренировки атлета или репетиции музыканта, результат зависит от времени и сил, затраченных на подготовку  того самого единственного выступления. Ведь это чудесно, если вы можете создать структуру, героев, целую вселенную, в которой захочется провести как можно больше времени. (Джейн Дженсен)

I never know what to say to aspiring designers/writers other than to read and/or play the best stuff and not the crap because what you read/play will effect your own voice; learn what you really are drawn to and love because that's your field and you have to know what that is; and put your energy where your mouth is. Design if you want to be a designer. Write if you want to be a writer. Natural talent has an impact, yes, but just like a star athlete or musician, what counts in the end is the amount of time you are willing to put into practice, practice, practice. It’s wonderful if you can create a foundation, characters and a universe, that really ‘work’ and are worth revisiting time and time again.

Один из основателей Sierra On-Line Ken Williams о первых шагах студии:
When Sierra started, it was a very different world from what we live in today. There was no internet. Floppy disks were just being invented. The little bit of software that was being sold was shipped on audio cassette. Most products didn’t have packaging. There were no computer magazines beyond a few hand-typed newsletters. This worked in our favor. At the time I was a 25 year old “kid” with no experience running a business. In today’s competitive world, we wouldn’t have survived six months. But at the time, we could get away with horrible packaging, selling products in zip-lock baggies, and no thought whatsoever given to things like brand image. We released Softporn, complete with Roberta’s racy picture on the cover, without ever thinking about issues like branding or appropriateness. At the time, I don’t think we had much more strategy than just to have fun.

Его жена и автор наиболее успешных проектов Roberta Williams:
Back when I got started, which sounds like ancient history, back then the demographics of people who were into computer games, was totally different, in my opinion, than they are today. Back then, computers were more expensive, which made them more exclusive to people who were maybe at a certain income level, or education level. So the people that played computer games 15 years ago were that type of person. They probably didn't watch television as much, and the instant gratification era hadn't quite grown the way it has lately. I think in the last 5 or 6 years, the demographics have really changed, now this is my opinion, because computers are less expensive so more people can afford them. More "average" people now feel they should own one.

"The Worst Adventure Game Puzzle Ever". In Gabriel Knight 3, Gabriel needs to get a motorbike to continue the story. But in order to get it, he has to disguise himself as long-suffering Detective Mosley. And in order to do that, he has to make a mustache out of cat-hair. Though Mosley doesn't have a mustache… so Gabriel will also have to draw a mustache onto Mosley's license so that his cat-mustache-using disguise looks like Mosley's ID.

Технический специалист Sierra On-Line Scott Bilas о работе над последней успешной игрой компании:
We had to drop a number of Jane’s (Jane Jensen, author of the game) designs due to lack of time or because of technical limitations. For example I remember an action sequence in the game where you had to stomp on rats and whack bats, or something like that. We just didn’t have time to make the game engine support action, so it had to go. There were many other things like this, though it’s been so long I can’t remember most of them.
There is one that sticks in my mind, though. Jane had a puzzle that we had to kill which was unfortunately replaced with the famous “cat hair mustache” puzzle that the game’s producer designed. The gaming site Old Man Murray gave us an award for killing adventure games because of the cat hair puzzle, as I remember. The team hated that puzzle, but we were trying to ship a game, and so we just let it go. Funny to think about it now.

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